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Truth Teller Charter

There is a Global gap for truth and transparency, without spin or bias.  Social media has recently discovered the costs of a lack of transparency. What if a Country adopted the highest ideals, where all discussion was fully open?  Such a Global Declaration would attract very talented innovators to a Sacred Space.  The stand up and be counted sorts, who are unable to fully flourish elsewhere.

What if our next lead and leap is to make us a Humanitarian Haven?

Whistleblowing has become a recent talking point, but one tinged with cynicism, of finger waging by those who say in whispers, “I’d like to be a whistle blower, but”.  Might we change the term for the better, reaching out to people seeking a fully open society, one full, in reality of: Truth Tellers.  Truth IS a currency, so what might a Charter look like?

Prof Noakes

Mr Starr

Prof Sultan

Enshrine in Law

The right to all information, where used for a humanitarian good.

That fully transparent information is a Human Right for each individual.

A Duty of Candour, in both public institutions and private companies.

A fully independent digital resource where Truth Teller views can be aired, but never traced (as used by whistleblowers to: Guardian, and Washington Post):

That all Parliaments agree to ‘no harms cover-ups’ nor the gagging of Governmental workers.

The above would be supported by Sovereignty Laws (based on the UK’s Divine Right of Kings) as being given by the people and carried out, without fear, nor favour, to anyone.

Above: The Power of Truth, by Jordan Peterson

Also: Dr Jonathan Latham, BioScience Resource Project.